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Coventry United

71% would follow Coventry United if Coventry City move.

IMAGE: Coventry United Football Club.

IMAGE: Coventry United Football Club.

71% of Coventry City fans say they WOULD follow Coventry United if SISU press ahead with their plans to move The Sky Blues out of the City, even if only temporarily.

Last week it was formally announced that four Coventry businessmen had formed the new club in protest at SISU Capital, the hedge-fund owners of Coventry City.

Joint-administrator for the club, Paul Appleton has announced Otium Entertainment Group Limited as the preferencial buyer for the administration hit club; a company related to SISU.

Chief Executive of Coventry City who is also listed as a director for Otium, Tim Fisher, previously announced that the club’s owners are planning to build their own stadium, following a year-long wrangle over unpaid rent for the use of The Ricoh Arena with ACL and Coventry Cit council.

Fisher states that the ground will be built in three years, but in the meantime will have to ground-share with another club as they have been ‘locked out’ of the Ricoh Arena, something ACL dispute.

Earlier this month ACL stated that City could use the Ricoh rent free should they remain in administration during the 2013/2014 season.

In a poll in which just under 500 Sky Blues voted on our site, 71% stated that they would follow Coventry United in some capacity, whereas only 29% voted against following the newest club in the City. 

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