#ccfctvQUIZ We know how much the Sky Blue Army love a good quiz, so join us on Twitter every Sunday night at 8pm as we ask you three Coventry City related questions. Unfortunately we don’t own the previous #CCFCQuiz trophy so there are no prizes other than playing for a permanent place on our #ccfctvQuiz Roll of Honour featured below the rules on this page. The rules are as follows: You have until 20:30GMT to get your answers in. Any late entries will be considered null and void. All answers must be included in ONE tweet to @ccfctv or they will be considered null and void. All entries must include #ccfctvQuiz or they will be considered null and void. The first tweet to appear on our timeline including ALL THREE correct answers will be determined the winner. Our decision is final.

Latest Results:

The winner of the #ccfctvQuiz on November 29th 2015 was @fisk_robbie


  1. Jimmy Hill lead Coventry City to the Division Two title in 1966/1967.
  2. Jimmy Hill returned to Coventry City as Chairman in 1975.
  3. Jimmy Hill contested 290 games as manager of Coventry City between 1961-1967.

#ccfctvQUIZ Roll of Honour




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