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City fan’s email to the Football League.

CCFC BallMatt Cattell is just one of the many Coventry City fans who have simply had enough.

After yesterday’s announcement by joint-administrator, Paul Appleton that Otium Entertainment Group Limited – a group related to current owner’s Sisu, were the preferencial bidders were Coventry City Limited the majority of City fans have been angered and outraged.

Today the Sky Blue Trust are holding a protest outside the offices of Sisu and the Football League.

But like many other fans, Cattell has written a email to the Football League expressing his concerns at yesterday’s announcement and is urging to Football League to look into Sisu and Otium Entertainment Group Limited – and take action.

Here is Matt’s email in full:
To the Football League, Greg Clarke and John Nixon. 

As you are aware Coventry’s administrators have accepted a bid to buy our troubled League One club.

An offer from Otium Entertainment Group Limited has trumped bids from three other interested parties.

Administrator Paul Appleton said in a statement: “Following a stringent sale process, I can confirm a bid has now been accepted from Otium Entertainment Group Limited.”

Appleton added: “This offer allows me to achieve the purpose of the administration and, following discussions with the Football League, I am hopeful a completion of the sale can be achieved as swiftly as possible.”

Otium is affiliated to Coventry City Holdings Limited – the part of the club that is not currently in administration.

Appleton added: “I realise and appreciate the end result of the sale process will not necessarily be welcomed by a large number of Coventry City fans.

“However, the bid from Otium Entertainment Group Limited was substantially more than any of the other three bids received and was the bid which gave the greatest return to the unsecured, non-connected creditors of CCFC Limited by a considerable margin.”

Coventry, who has been in administration since March, added in a statement: “We are pleased with the decision which helps to assure the future of the club.

“Our absolute focus now is to exit CCFC Limited from the administration process so we can get back to running a football club and make the decisions we need to in time for next season.”

As a supporter of Coventry City for over 30 years I ask you now to step in and look at the whole process of this administration and the preferred bidding. 

The preferred bid was from the Otium-Entertainment-Group – A company who’s directors all have links to Sisu Capital Limited which is a privately owned hedge fund sponsor. A company that the companies’ house web site says has capital of just £1000. A company that from April 2013 were allegedly about to be dissolved. A company who’s accounts for last year are still overdue as of today. 

I’d like to ask you the Football League is this company deemed fit and proper to run a football club? And more importantly I’d like you to question Mr Appleton, the administrator selected by Sisu, on how this company could put a better bid together, one that is superior to the other bidders, when they seem to have no capital or investment and are simply a subsidiary of the current owners Sisu. 

This is the same Sisu that put the club into administration and have left the club in jeopardy with massive debts.

The same Sisu that can’t afford to pay the rent on the Ricoh Arena yet are planning to build a new ground in 3 years? 

The same Sisu that are planning to play the next 3 years of fixtures outside of Coventry, sharing a ground with another midlands club.

Currently 13,000 have signed a petition to keep the club in this city. 

I can tell you that the fans will not follow the club to home games that are played outside of this City. 

Coventry City Football Club is 130 years old.

We were formed in Coventry, we are based in Coventry and we should play in Coventry. 

We are proud fans with good values. We have history. 

If the club is taken out of the city there will be no community base.

And how do we get our next generation, our children to follow this great club when there won’t be a club to watch in Coventry?

You the Football League have a logo saying – Real Football, Real Fans. 

Well as a real fan I am asking you to step in here and investigate this whole process.

It seems to me that incredible levels of exploitation and dishonesty are going on here. 

I ask you, is this decision by the Administrator the correct one for the club? 

I ask you, are this company and it subsidiaries fit and proper to run this club in your league? 

Please act now and consider your actions because if the current owners stay in charge and continue with their plans for the club, I can tell you this. It will be the end for Coventry City FC as we know it. 

Matt Cattell

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6 thoughts on “City fan’s email to the Football League.

  1. Hats off – I have written a similar email to the Football League. We have to stand together.

    Posted by John Mc | June 16, 2013, 9:15 am
    • I sent a similar letter to FL before the bidders were announced and received a bland standard reply which I believe the SB trust received and published. Sadly the Football League spout claptrap and do nothing for real football fans

      Posted by Laurence Wade | June 16, 2013, 4:52 pm
  2. It’s about time everyone got a grip…The FL Aren’t interested in what happens to us. It’s not a case of SISU not affording the rent it is a case of them making a stand against ACL/CCC who have been bleeding the club dry and that is unsustainable in the situation we are in… Nothing illegal has taken place, and as for the Administrator, both SISU and ACL had to agree on the Administrator. For me if it means leaving the Ricoh and building a new ground that will actually belong to us and we as a club will benefit from it then so be it..PUSB

    Posted by Chris Jones | June 16, 2013, 8:18 pm
    • Absolute garbage, what it means is that anyone who has “money” can take over a club and do what it wants with a total disregard for the people who made the club, 130 years worth of Coventry supporters tossed out like the weekly rubbish for a “unknown” hedge fund trying to make a quick buck.
      You and Sizu deserve each other you both have no loyalty and no integrity.

      Posted by Phil Reynolds | June 16, 2013, 11:17 pm
  3. Just think if all 12000+ fans did the same
    I very much doubt the FL would just sit back and let these clowns continue running OUR club without digging deeper

    Posted by Mrbluesky | June 17, 2013, 9:11 am


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