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Sky Blue Trust issue statement regarding ribbon protest.

Sky Blue Trust logoThe Sky Blue Trust have today issued a statement regarding the ribbons protest featured throughout Coventry and the confrontation between fellow Coventry City fans after the game at Sixfields contested between City and Brentford on Sunday.


“It has recently been brought to the attention of the Sky Blue Trust that the “ribboning” of the Ryton training ground a few weeks ago has caused some upset among CCFC staff and players. It is claimed that someone broke into the premises itself and tied ribbons around the goal posts and other equipment and this caused an unwelcome distraction for the squad.

The Trust would like to state that it would never sanction any illegal act such as trespass and any member who is guilty of such an offence would have their membership of the Trust revoked. The Trust is 100% behind the team and would never do anything that could be construed as detrimental to the player’s performance. If it was a Trust member who has been over zealous in their actions they will be asked to explain their actions to the Board and dealt with accordingly.

In case it was a Sky Blue Trust member, without prejudice, we issue an unreserved apology to Steve Waggott, Steven Pressley and any players and staff who were affected by this ill judged action.

We implore all Sky Blue Trust members to keep any protests peaceful, within the law and respect that others might not share your view. This includes anyone attending Sixfields – we are all Coventry fans who are going through tough emotional times but there is no place or excuse for any threats, abuse or mistreatment of fellow Sky Blue fans, be they inside or outside the ground.

Overall the ribbons have been very well received and have offered a colourful way of letting people remember the plight our football club is going through and just how many people care about it. The Trust will continue to work with all parties in an effort to find a workable solution. We once again urge all parties to resume talks for the benefit of the team, the city and most of all for the supporters.”

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