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. @SkyBluesBlog & @NiiLampteyShow up for FBA Award

SBB FBALast year you might remember Sky Blues Blog was nominated for a National Football Blogging Award and this year the guys have been nominated again.

Started by Neil Allison (@NeilAllison) after the somewhat disappointing 2009/2010 season, “as a place to let off steam and vent my thoughts about Coventry City’s progress”, the blog has continued to grow, and is now a must read for all Coventry City fans with internet access. And for those without, we’re sure printouts can be arranged and sent via snail-mail or owl.

Full of humour (“lt’s also quite interesting to look back at how many times during the season I threaten to stop supporting them and form my own breakaway club; FC Coventry City Mönchengladbach Saint-Germain”) praise and the occassional swear-word, Allison and the rest of the contributors bring light relief to many long-suffering City supporters.

And it is in that exact humour, Neil and the rest of the guys ask for your votes;

“Friends, supporters, gits. I address you today not only as a Football Blogging Awards aspirant, but as a Football Blogging Awards nominee.

“That’s right, your sterling efforts during the nomination phase have seen both Sky Blues Blog and the Nii Lamptey Show rewarded for a shameless month of self-promotion with places on the shortlist for best Club blog and Podcast, respectively. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

“Daftness aside, I’m truly grateful to everyone who took the time to vote during the shortlisting period. You’ve made a group of Coventry City wafflers very happy, and ensured our presence at the Brit Awards of the Football Blogging Calendar, which is really all we do this for. That and the babes.

“So what does that mean?

“Well, this is where it gets slightly awkward.

“You know you had to put up with endless requests to vote for us during September? Well, those votes got us the nomination, but have now been reset, and we enter a fresh period of voting to determine the winner.

“While this is a solid way to separate the wheat from the chaff, the good news for us lower league bloggers this year is that there are actually two awards for each of the categories; the votes, and also a judges award from a panel of highly respected football writers and other types, including Oliver Kay, Iain Macintosh and Luke Edwards. I anticipate a fair amount of schmoosing over the coming weeks.

“So the rules are simple – let’s try and win this thing! And to do that, you just need to vote for Sky Blues Blog and the Nii Lamptey Show all over the again, in the same way you did before.

“If you find the time to manage that, I’ll be eternally fond of you. Details below if you’ve forgotten.

“Thanks. Je t’aime.”

Whilst Sky Blues Blog is nominated in the Best Football Club Blog category, the Nii Lamptey Show is up for the Best Podcast Football Blog category!

What are you waiting for? Get voting!


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