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Full ‘SISU Out Protest’ statement

CCFCProtest group ‘SISU Out’ have today released a statement regarding their planned protest to take place when Coventry City host Swindon Town in a League One fixture being broadcast live by Sky Sports on Monday, January 12th.

The statement in full:

Who are we?

We are a group of lifelong Coventry City supporters who are frustrated and angry at the tragic demise of OUR football club.

Who we are is not important. We are merely fans who love the Sky Blues and are not prepared to put up with this downward spiral anymore.

We have spoken to and taken soundings from a huge number of City fans and know the vast majority feel the same. It is time to take action !

Why are we protesting?

In 7 years we have seen nothing but failed plans and promises from our club owners SISU. Here are  some of the key points as to why we feel the need to protest.

Continued lack of investment in the playing squad

No attempt to prevent relegation into League one

2 Administration’s and consequent point deductions

Repeated Transfer embargoes

Losing out on the Ricoh due to SISU’s failed tactics

The unforgiveable act of tearing the club from its community and dragging it to Northampton to ground share at Sixfields against virtually all CCFC fans wishes.
Repeated failure to meet deadlines and promises that the club made themselves regarding land deals for this new ground

Considering plans to build a new ground to be built outside of Coventry – if it is not in Coventry then we are not interested. It’s called Coventry City for a good reason.

Re-mortgaging of the training ground.

The sale of our  best players for millions and replacing them with freebies and loan players.

The list goes on and on !

What does the Protest entail?

The protest will take place on Monday January 12th at the Ricoh Arena during the Coventry City v Swindon Townmatch.

We want this protest to be a strong, clear ,unequivocal  but peaceful protest for the full 90 minutes of play but also a very loud statement from our passionate fans to say we are not standing for this anymore. We refuse to be  treated like fools !

We are not moving to a new ground outside of Coventry so if they are your plans then put us up for SALE now and GO. If you have no plans for a new stadium as recent information obtained seems to indicate then why are you still here ?

The Protest will be focused around blocks 15 to 16 towards the scoreboard to generate a stronger and louder protest but we would encourage all fans in whatever part of the stadium to get involved !

On 7th minute (7 years of SISU) hold up GO signs

On 57th minute (12 mins 1 min for each month(12) gone by since we were promised imminent details of  a new land deal ) hold up GO signs

And In between let’s make our voices be heard loud and clear and let’s be vocal like we always are !

We urge and welcome as many people as possible to bring their own personal banners and messages as well as we want to get as many messages across as possible to be pictured in the media

If you are NOPM or a season ticket holder we urge each and every one of you to join forces and unite for this one protest towards SISU so as to maximise the effect and send a clear defiant message to our owners.


7 thoughts on “Full ‘SISU Out Protest’ statement

  1. KCIC Keep Cov in Coventry the Hilliers

    Posted by PRsba59 | January 6, 2015, 4:08 pm
    • Not in my name! To protest inside the ground while the team are playing at home and trying to win, is a total distraction and will damage the morale of the players and the rest of us supporters.
      If you did get rid of SISU who is going to come in and take over a club that is a basket case? If SISU did go it would probably mean that the club were in administration of liquidation and subject to a 10 points deduction or even more and almost certain relegation to the “fourth division”. Who would want to take over a club in the “fourth division”, that does own its own stadium and is millions of pounds in debt?
      It must be the pantomime season if anyone thinks a fairy godmother is going to save the club by pouring millions of pounds down the drain that is CCFC. There will be no “White Knight” riding to the rescue and there is “no money tree”. This protest is totally counter productive and I hope the misguided people behind it have second thoughts and drop the whole crazy idea.
      What is need now is unity, stability and continuity, not some hare brained protest, while the team is playing at home. Everyone of goodwill, should get behind Steven Pressley and the team and support this young team, our team, to get us out of this damned league and into the Championship. What we need now are positive vibes and feelings of togetherness and a unity of purpose. We don’t need some sour people injecting poison into the Sky Blues’ body at a time when we have just got back to the Ricoh and the team is showing some promise. Please give this daft idea up.

      Posted by Peter Chambers | January 7, 2015, 12:44 am
    • The Hilliers as they like to be called were muppets. They moaned about the club’s temporary move to Northampton and then travelled 30 miles to Northampton, only to try to watch the match from the hill. They wanted to watch the game for nothing, when quite simply, having travelled the 30 miles, they should have paid to watch the match and thereby support both the team and the club.

      Posted by Peter Chambers | January 10, 2015, 6:32 pm
  2. I would love to support your campaign but you are going to achieve nothing.

    Your points are obviously flawed and the prejudices are blinding you to reality. You say “SISU out” but who is supposed to replace them?

    You need to get real here. SISU will not leave; they have proven to be remarkably stubborn, despite some poor decision making that has exacerbated the problems. You should really be working with SISU to find a way forward, instead of a pointless campaign that will achieve nothing but further dividing the fans.

    Fans groups should be working to get the Ricoh filled every week, thus allowing the club to became financially more stable. Fans groups should be working to find a way to move towards fans involvement in the running of the club. That will only be achieved through cooperation, not alienation.

    SISU have a lot to answer for but most of the points you make are easily countered.

    “Continued lack of investment in the playing squad”

    Why should anyone continually invest in the playing squad? You can’t blame SISU for this. Where is the money supposed to come from? The reason Coventry ended up in trouble and were relegated from the PL is because the club spent money loaned from banks and Robinson. “Speculate to accumulate” is the cry of a loser who has actually never speculated their own money.

    “No attempt to prevent relegation into League one”

    This is the same point as before. Essentially, you just wanted SISU to pump more and more money into transfers/wages.

    “2 Administration’s and consequent point deductions”

    Caused by the Council, not SISU

    “Losing out on the Ricoh due to SISU’s failed tactics”

    SISU’s aggressive tactics failed but the Council ultimately bear responsibility for selling the Ricoh to Wasps

    “The unforgiveable act of tearing the club from its community and dragging it to Northampton to ground share at Sixfields against virtually all CCFC fans wishes.”

    Of course it is forgiveable. What a silly statement. Maybe if more Cov fans had turned up at the Ricoh to support the club, Coventry would have been able to stay and not move to Northampton. Think it through again.

    “The sale of our best players for millions and replacing them with freebies and loan players.”

    Selling to raise money was sensible. How else can the bills be paid? Coventry arent the only selling club in English football. And read your history books: Coventry always had to sell. Again, this is the same point as points 1&2

    What you should be holding SISU to account for is the lack of any sustainable plan and you should be working with SISU to identify their “exit strategy” and them helping them towards the door. Make no mistake: SISU want out.

    Help them out by working with them and stop this petty whinging, which just embarrasses Coventry fans in front of everyone

    Posted by Fat Edd | January 6, 2015, 4:32 pm
    • Fatt Edd, absolutely outstandingly well argued piece. I wish we could hear more from you and I wish more of the commentators and bloggers would just be more pragmatic and think through the arguments. Obsessively hating SISU, clouds people’s judgement and common sense. The best way to advance the club is as always, simply support the club 100% both on and off the pitch and particularly when the team are playing. This does not mean that you have to be uncritical, but that criticism should be fair and reasoned.

      Posted by Peter Chambers | January 10, 2015, 6:14 pm
      • You’ve been wrong about this for so many years Peter. It’s worth remembering that you are still wrong.

        When the people of Coventry turned up in increased numbers, the budget still got cut and we were relegated again. No amount of revenue or indeed profit, has ever increased the wage bill and our ability to put a successful team on the pitch. Common denominator: SISU.

        Posted by CoventryCitizen | February 22, 2018, 1:43 pm
    • So two years out, do you still think you are right?

      Posted by CoventryCitizen | February 22, 2018, 8:03 pm

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