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Vote for Huckerby in Sky Sports #PLMoments

Huckerby v UnitedTo celebrate 23 years of Premier League football, Sky Sports are asking fans to vote for their favourite Premier League moments.

The Sky Blues only have one entry in the 160 moments, but enter Darren Huckerby as “Coventry shock United.”

Back in December 1997, Darren Huckerby picked up the ball halfway in the United half, on the right hand side before going on a mazing run leaving four United defenders in his wake and cooling slotting past Kevin Pilkington.

With only two minutes remaining, Huckerby secured a memorable 3-2 win at Highfield Road, with in his words his “most famous goal.”

Speaking about the goal in his autobiography, DH6, Huckerby said; “And then I scored arguably my most famous goal – the one that most people remember, even to this day.

“Soltvedt put the ball into me on the right. And I cut in and beat Nicky Butt – Gary Neville was next, and I think I did well to stay on my feet as he tried to bring me down.

“I cut inside Berg and squeezed it past Pilkington. There were eighty-eight minutes on the clock.

“Snowy helped me by getting in the way of one of the defenders, but he also almost blocked me on my way through to the goal.

“I’ve seen it again hundreds and hundreds of times. I guess I must have been 30 or 40 yards out, and it was that late in the game that I thought I just had to keep running.

“You beat one, beat two, beat three and then, all of a sudden, you’re one-on-one with the goalkeeper. At which point you just slip it past him and hope for the best.

“At 2-2 with 89 minutes gone – against the champions and league leaders – would Strachs have expected me to play safe?

“No, he’d have known what I was going to do; he’d have known that I would try and create something because that’s what I tried to do every time that I had the ball.

“It was a magical moment. We were 2-1 down against the league leaders with five minutes to go and the fans must have been thinking the game was up. And, somehow, we turned them over.”

To view & vote for the goal, click here.


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